Friday, May 29, 2009

What's a good way to postpone Spanish homework?

Update your blog of course! So, I will use this time to share random nothings.

On Wednesday around lunchtime, Thomas and I came back home from running errands and were going to make a light lunch. We had planned on having a date night and didn't want to get too full. I opened a can of chicken so I could make chicken salad and sliced through my pinkie finger all the way to the bone. I also cut through an artery or something b/c blood was literally squirting out of my finger like a sprinkler. So, of course, I started freaking out. For the first time, I was really grateful for Thomas's paramedic training. He was so calm and sweet. He wrapped it in a towel, gave me a kiss on the head, and said let's go. Two hours at the ER, 10 shots, and 3 stitches later I was all fixed up. The nurse at the ER was also a real blessing. She was young and perky and really helped me get through the shots which were the worst part.

In other random news, I finally broke the 20 pound mark. I have now lost 21.6 lbs and almost two full sizes. I'm so happy!! I'm feeling more confident and healthier. I still have about 25 more pounds to lose to be back in the size I was when I met Thomas, but I'm almost there! Thomas has lost 35 lbs. I can tell he's lost weight but since I see him everyday it's not as shocking. When we run into people we haven't seen in a while, though, they are blown away. Apparently he looks like a whole different person... or like half his old person, lol.

This past weekend, we were at my dads and saw the second Night at the Museum movie and I have to be honest - it was a little disappointing. Most of the funny parts were in the previews so I had already seen them several times. Thomas, of course, laughed his little bum off. I'm looking forward to the new movie with the My Big Fat Greek Wedding lady though. Random, I know, but I warned you ahead of time.

I guess that's all the useless information I can squeeze out for now. I would post a picture of my poor little pinkie but I don't know how to do that. Fuera a estudiar espanol - Hasta luego!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner Disaster

Thomas and I have been dieting for three months now and are always looking for new recipes that are healthy and yummy. Yesterday, I tried a dessert that sounded oh-so-good. It's called "Peanut Butter Apple Crunch" (sounds good, right?) and the best part is you throw it all in the crock pot and let it cook throughout the day. The ingredients are: sliced apples, splenda, peanut butter, oatmeal, and apple pie spice. Delicious for sure, right? Wrong.

It started out smelling and tasting yummy. A few hours into it, I began noticing a smell. A stench, really. Serving time came and it looked, honestly, like vomit. It smelled like cat food. I served it to my mom and Thomas over ice cream. Thomas inhaled it and said, "I just ate it really fast so I wouldn't have to taste it." My mom, however, politely mixed it around in her bowl and then GAGGED! It was really hilarious, actually.

Oh, and before I served dessert I was trying a new "Fried Fish" recipe. It's just a white fish (I used catfish) dipped in a milk powder-lemon pepper-water-salt sauce then rolled in crushed corn flakes and topped with a dollop of butter (promise for us healthy eaters). It was a recipe I got from my aunt who said it was fabulous. And it was, or at least the few bites I managed to save after I burnt the heck out of them in the oven.

Oh well, you win some and lose some. Tomorrow I'm making Turkey Burgers. They're impossible to screw up... at least until now! :/

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's official - we have a blog!

So, we finally got one. It's seems to be the new trend and is actually pretty handy for keeping up with friends and family. Plus, Thomas is working nights and I needed something to occupy my time!

Thomas is working for Marion County 911 Dispatch and is really loving it. It is very difficult to be hired by the county, and he has had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. He is currently in his third month of training. There was one month of classroom training that was M-F 8-5. Then he went to phase 2 which was a 2 day on, 2 day off, 3 day on, 2 day off 12 hour day shift schedule. Now he is in phase 3 which is the same except 12 hour night shifts. It's been very difficult for me to get used to! I love having my husband next to me all night. Thankfully, Thomas is so good at his job that he is moving faster than any of the other new hires! He should be done with this phase in the next few days and move to days again! I'm so proud of him. He was only one of five that were hired out of over 300 applicants!

As for me, I am currently enjoying a week of no school until summer classes begin. I have Spanish II (ew!) and Capstone this semester. Then, in the fall, I have four classes and on December 19th is graduation! I'm proud to say that my current GPA is 3.94 (darn that only B). I was working for a salon and spa but the business closed. I've been looking for a job - AGAIN - but it's tough out there. Plus, I would like to do something that my degree and brain will actually be of use and not just work retail or answer phones. Thankfully, Thomas is so supportive of my education and has always encouraged me not to work until I finish. His turn is coming though - PTA school 2010!

Ok, I guess this is enough for my first post. I'll probably forget to ever update it again, but at least it kept me entertained for tonight!